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DEAN is a Dutch non-profit organisation supporting development in sub-Sahara Africa through digital means with a strong focus on the educational sector.

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Educational information about Kenya

One site, all relevant figures

On this website we organise available educational information about Kenya in a structured way to make it more accessible and relevant. The data comes from a wide range of public sources, from a wide range of static formats. On this site we used this static information to generate interactive data maps and graphs. We depend on public sources. We include new statistics as soon as they are available.

The rationale behind this website origins from our own demand. While looking for statistics about education in Kenya, we noticed that information is difficult to find, scattered and presented in ways that did not fit our needs. We decided to share the information we found at an accessible website under the assumption that there is a broader interest in this information. All data is presented without interpretation from our side and may be used at your discretion.